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USE CASES simply explained!


Collaborative project management and controlling

  • Tasks and projects are 100% mappable in the system including time tracking
  • Planning, controlling and implementation of projects in one integrated solution - from the first document/meeting to the project finalization

Agile project management

  • Jack Project for agile teams with lists, kanban boards, time tracking, documentation and documents, flexible project structures - your toolbox for flexible project management
  • With sprint planning, project templates, text templates (for example for user stories, meeting minutes, specifications, test reports, ...)

Help and Support Desk

  • Registering tickets via e-mail or with an own web application
  • Transparency of ticket-tracking for requesters
  • Creation of knowledge databases for the support staff and FAQ's for requesters
  • Easy assignment of tickets(dispatching) to operators/responsibles via drag & drop
  • Time tracking for tickets
  • SLA reporting
  • e.g. for the IT service area, customer care or project support - for an internally usage as well as with external partners

Documentation system

  • Structured filing of documents and documentations, as easy as in a file system
  • Upload of existing documents of all kinds
  • Direct processing of Microsoft Office documents without the hassle of downloading and uploading and automatic version management
  • Change-history for documentations and revisions for documents
  • Request of reading confirmations (instruction protocol)
  • Search and find with vague search and hit ranking
  • Illustration of QM-systems e.g. for ISO management systems or DSGVO

Planning of product development for innovation projects

  • Continuous creation of innovative projects from the basic idea through rough planning to detailed planning of mandatory tasks in one system
  • Simple mapping of planned times (effort in h) for milestones or product versions at work package level
  • Ongoing controlling of the nominal/actual times
  • Easy creation of project templates, text templates for reports, requirement specifications, ...

Project time tracking

  • Simple time recording for tasks via start/stop function or directly in a calendar view
  • Reporting and time export to Microsoft Excel or via web service interface also to other systems

Creation of intranet solutions for knowledge documentation or news publishing

  • CMS system to implement intranet solutions, including easy integration of existing documents
  • Full text search also for all uploaded common document types like PDF, Power Point, Word, Excel, ...