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Knowledge management

  • All types of documents are stored structured in directories in the Wiki - just as simple as in a file system.
  • Determine information such as author and responsible person
  • Validity and rescheduling dates for checking or updating, e.g. for 
  • Definition of individual document workflows
  • Simple transfer of existing documents from file systems
  • Easy and simple document creation with comprehensive WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor
  • Change history for documentation, revisions for documents
  • A demand for acceptance of important documents, e.g. for ISO or DSGVO projects.
  • Print function according to your CD for documentation created in Jack Project incl. cover page, interactive table of contents
  • Full-text search - the integrated search engine will find all documentation and uploaded documents, regardless of the exact entry of the query
  • Can also be used as intranet portal for publishing internal news and relevant documents - see Jack Project - Intranet
  • Document overview in admin mode
  • Texteditor
  • Metadata
  • Publish