WHAT THE F*** IS W.A.P.D.-Management

kWnowledge, tAsks, Projects, and Documents
for the first time in one software solution - comprehensive and complete!

One application - without changing applications - full functionality at one price.


Jack Project at a glance!

  • Mapping of company, department, team, project and product structures, milestones, sprint plans,...
  • Configurable lists, filters and filter-presets
  • Kanban board - the view for agile teams
  • Easy create binding tasks direct from meetings or from userstories
  • Target dates
  • Reminder dates
  • Conversations and notices
  • Attachments
  • Permissions and rights
  • Custom fields
  • Dependencies and relations to other documents and tasks
  • Effort estimatations
  • Time tracking
  • Real time controlling of the target effort vs. actual effort
  • Text templates for e.g. für Epics, Userstories, Change-Requests, Incidents,...
  • Realtime ressource management with optional gantt-chart
  • Customizable templates for project structures, issues and documents
  • Link tasks in a mulitdimensional way in project structures, team-assignments, milestones, sprints,...
  • Kanban board - the view for agile teams
  • KPI - Reporting
  • Projectdashboards
  • Easy add new internal or external users
  • Permissions for directories, tasks and documents
  • Documents can be managed easy as in a filesystem, for e.g. in company, department, team, project and product structures
  • Relevant informations are in the correct placed without need to switch to another system
  • Full-text search of all common file types
  • Permissionsystem
  • Revision management for documents and change history for tasks and documentations
  • Easy publish documents for external usage
  • All types of documents are stored structured in directories in the Wiki - just as simple as in a file system.
  • Determine information such as author and responsible person
  • Validity and rescheduling dates for checking or updating, e.g. for 
  • Definition of individual document workflows
  • Simple transfer of existing documents from file systems
  • Easy and simple document creation with comprehensive WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor
  • Change history for documentation, revisions for documents
  • A demand for acceptance of important documents, e.g. for ISO or DSGVO projects.
  • Print function according to your CD for documentation created in Jack Project incl. cover page, interactive table of contents
  • Full-text search - the integrated search engine will find all documentation and uploaded documents, regardless of the exact entry of the query
  • Can also be used as intranet portal for publishing internal news and relevant documents
  • With stopwatch function [Start] & [Stop]
  • With time tracking calender
  • Mobile App for Androis und iOS
  • Export to MS-Excel or with webservice
  • Report issues via e-mail or jack project heldpesk view application
  • Transparent ticket-tracking for the end-user
  • Easy dispatching-process for the helpdeks operators
  • Time tracking
  • Creation of knowledge databases for 1st or 2nd level support in the same system and also deploy faq's for the users
  • Full text search in issues, noticesa and attachments
  • Custimisable e-mail templates and state workflows
  • Delimit different areas for teams and context
  • Chat - without the need to change the system or to install any additional app
  • Group chats
  • Chats can be startet directly from tasks or any kind of documentations





Jack Project

is a software company from Austria, with the mission to bring collaboration, communication and organization in companies and teams to a more successful level.

User groups are executives and managers, project managers and employees, organizational development and process management, software developers, support employees, quality managers, product developers and product managers.

External partners can be integrated free of charge as collaborators (guest users).

Jack Project is an independent solution for all industries.  use cases

Based on Jack Project there are add-on applications for quality management systems, for administration of documents including DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulations) and a ticketing system for hotline and support.  add-on applications


Specials for IT-Manager

  • Helpdesk / ticket system
  • Documentation
  • Project management
» Jack Project saves you more then 1h per month / user and costs significantly less. «
» Is this cool? «


  • Full text search - search and find
  • Individual views
  • Freely designable and displayable structures for companies, departments, projects, products, etc.
  • Performance reporting
  • Document creation
  • Templates for projects, tasks or documentations
  • Kanban board for agile teams
  • Gantt planning in real time
  • mail2task, text2task
  • Time tracking
  • Information databases
  • Chat
  • Mobile & as APP

Find out more about the product here.